Toner Powder Recycling

Powder Recycling- If it is powder we can recycle it!

waste powder being extracted by children this is what we want to stop

Toner Powder Recycling

We started from a seed of an idea and the scheme has just grown! Waste toner powder really is very difficult to recycle and we should know as we have tried lots of different systems! Further complicated by the fact that some organisations have very small amounts and some organisations have massive amounts therefore a recycling solution had to be found to meet each types. 

We actually turn the powder into a solid material which can then be molded into pretty much anything. This work well for large quantities. We try and produce high value products either for resale or for commercial purposes. However for smaller quantities we have totally different solutions.We would go as far as to say unless your printer cartridge supplier or recycler uses us then your waste toner from your photocopier toner bottle or empty cartridge(never empty!) ends up in landfill. Therefore if you are concerned about the environment ask you supplier or recycler what they do with the powder or ask us if they are a customer!

The picture is what many leading companies do with their cartridges ship to China for manual stripping. Do not get caught out like this convert it into solid material or ask us for a solution!

If we can help with toner powder recycling you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.

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