Toner Powder Recycling

Why is there pot holes every where when they can simply and cheaply filled with waste toner powder!

Waste Toner Powder Recycling

Payments and car parks are littered with pot holes which results in injuries and damage to road vehicles but they remain  un-repaired why? The answer quite simply is cost. There is just no other reason. This is just not logical as the answer is in fact really very simple. Find a material that is cheaper and less costly to apply. Answer waste toner powder. There is a huge supply and more is produced every day from photocopiers and printers. Producers are currently paying for the correct disposal of this material so would happily provide for free! Then the challenge was easy application so we convert to a liquid pour into pot hole allow to set - 30mins and job done. Extremely hard wearing - have you ever tried scraping off print from paper?     

We started from a seed of an idea and the scheme has just grown! Waste toner powder really is very difficult to recycle and we should know as we have tried lots of different systems! Further complicated by the fact that some organisations have very small amounts and some organisations have massive amounts therefore a recycling solution had to be found to meet each types. 

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