Powder Recycling

Our small quantities solution now LIVE

August 29, 2017
All ready to roll!!!

Very Busy!

April 23, 2016
Very busy with projects in Brazil and Belgium!!! 
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Useful Product

January 4, 2015
Another useful product created by our team as a promotional tool for printer cartridge recycling 
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Happy New Year

January 4, 2015
Off we go again for 2015!!!
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February 2, 2014
Very little annoys me nowadays I am after all the World's leading expert in what I do!! However why do people think it is a good idea to add general waste to toner powder do they not think the buyers might notice that wood and bits of cartridges might not be toner powder. The odd piece might be acceptable but truckloads are a bit obvious. The other thing is that some companies think I should work for free - do they????!!! I get hundreds of inquiries everyday asking for information but when I ...
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December 31, 2013
Many thanks for all your inquiries during 2013 looking forward to 2014
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New Shredding Cabinets

December 28, 2013
Just taken delivery of new shredding cabinets or shredding consoles not sure which is the correct term but these units protect our secure information until shredding truck arrives!
Thanks to www.lockablebins.com
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