Small Quantities of Toner Powder

There are now numerous applications for commercial quantities of waste toner powder such as additives in road building, paint and even finger print powder but there still remains an issue with small quantities of say up to 10 kilos. Many of the inquiries we get really want a solution that works for this level and of course we have now developed a very practical and visible and we feel an appropriate solution. That also works in any country and in any business type.  Our latest development is:

At last a simple solution for both large and small quantities of waste toner powder! Developed by Angus Carnie

Super absorbent anti bacterial powder, designed to absorb body fluids and spillages Designed to be used where you need to quickly and safely clean up body fluid human or pet and chemical spillages Fast activating powder quickly absorbs all types of body fluid and chemical spillages Economical in use, requires less powder to clean up than some alternative brands Can absorb up to 200 times it’s own weight in liquid Powerfully effective, contains a bactericide to assist in inactivating harmful organisms Product is easy to use, sprinkle powder on spill leave to absorb then scoop up