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Waste toner powder

March 23, 2017

At last a simple solution for both large and small quantities of waste toner powder! Developed by Angus Carnie

Super absorbent anti bacterial powder, designed to absorb body fluids and spillages Designed to be used where you need to quickly and safely clean up body fluid human or pet and chemical spillages Fast activating powder quickly absorbs all types of body fluid and chemical spillages Economical in use, requires less powder to clean up than some alternative brands Can absorb up to 200 times it’s own weight in liquid Powerfully effective, contains a bactericide to assist in inactivating harmful organisms Product is easy to use, sprinkle powder on spill leave to absorb then scoop up


Recycling Waste Toner Powder

January 4, 2015
We have solutions for your mixed waste toner powder regardless of which country you operate in. Also regardless of amounts also. So whether you have large quantities or small quantities we can point you in the right direction!
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Convert waste toner powder into shredding consoles

December 9, 2013

With the ever increasing threat of identity fraud a new product has been introduced to protect vast quantities of data held on damaged or redundant mobile devices such as smart phones, Ipads, laptops and so on.  For many years paper documents which fall into this category have been stored in lockable shredding consoles awaiting the arrival of specialist shredding companies to shred this paper. Now with this development the electronic devices can be stored in these same shredding consoles but ...

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Waste Toner converted to weedkiller

May 5, 2013
Why does it work?
Toner powder does have some advantages in that it is black. This is useful as it blocks out sunlight from the plant/weeds
Waste toner powder is a dense powder which means it sticks to the plants
It does not wash away very quickly - for my photographs to highlight that the plants were actually dead I had to use a vacuum to remove the powder.
It makes no difference with or without ferrous oxide as some powders contain this and some do not.
Works well no matter the temperature. 
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Converting waste toner powder into commercial flooring

February 16, 2013

Conversion of waste toner powder into commercial flooring


Angus Carnie the global powder recycling expert has now developed a new method of converting waste toner powder into commercial flooring suitable for numerous commercial applications including factories, shops, office reception areas, sports stadia, supermarkets and any area with a high footfall volume.

The flooring can be any colour and is extremely hard wearing and will work every time and importantly in every country throughout the W...

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Recycling Face Powder

February 10, 2013
We have been approached by a major waste company to develop a recycling process for face powder. An exciting new challenge! Watch this space for more details!
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Waste toner powder

February 9, 2013
We are now pretty much on page 1 of Google in every country for our keywords and what is amazing is the amount of consumers, companies and large corporate buyers that contact us and ask if there printer cartridge supplier recycles their waste powder. Probably around 60 percent of our inquiries relate to this topic. It is good to know that people are beginning to ask such questions.   
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Our first Blog

January 27, 2013
Welcome to our first blog
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Waste Toner Powder Recycling

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