With the ever increasing threat of identity fraud a new product has been introduced to protect vast quantities of data held on damaged or redundant mobile devices such as smart phones, Ipads, laptops and so on.  For many years paper documents which fall into this category have been stored in lockable shredding consoles awaiting the arrival of specialist shredding companies to shred this paper. Now with this development the electronic devices can be stored in these same shredding consoles but in a separate compartment known as the black box. These electronic devices can then also be destroyed without contaminating the paper and both elements can then be successfully recycled.

What is even more unique is the “black box” is made from recycled waste toner powder from photocopiers and printers.

The black box shredding console is the brainchild of Global Recycling Expert Angus Carnie who originally developed the process of recycling waste toner powder into products such as paint, fingerprint powder and the bases of road cones.

In a statement from Altrincham based Angus Carnie he advised that he works closely with both document shredding companies and printer cartridge manufacturers and advises both on a daily basis and it seemed like an ideal solution to help  both sectors. Document shredding companies have been looking for a solution for these devices BUT crucially without mixing in with the paper waste stream and without incurring businesses with the extra cost of an additional shredding console.  Waste toner powder is generated in huge quantities throughout the World and it seemed to be an ideal product to use as it is – when solidified- very strong and in plentiful supply. It also seemed an appropriate use as it comes from “empty printer cartridges” and photocopier toner bottles